Soft Window Treatments for a Gorgeous Open Floor Plan in Red Bank, TN

May 16, 2022

The owner of this beautiful new build in the Red Bank area asked us to design draperies and Roman shades throughout her home. She already had blinds in place, so she wanted soft treatments that added movement and visual interest to each space. But she did not necessarily need the window coverings to bring more functionality to the home. The homeowner also asked us to use solids or neutral patterns in most of the rooms of her home.

If any of this sounds familiar, it’s because we shared the window treatments we designed for the guest bedrooms last month. Today, we wanted to show you what we created for her living and dining room areas, office, and primary bedroom. Keep reading to see the rest of this stunning Red Bank home.

Faux Roman shades for an open & airy living space

In the living space, we combined Roman shades with draperies because they create a timeless look. And because we knew that using draperies on all the windows would have created a cluttered, heavy appearance in the corner of the room. By using Roman shades on one wall, we made sure the space still feels open and airy.

Since the home already had blinds installed, we did not fabricate functional soft treatments. The draperies are stationary side panels with a French pleat to create a full, classic appearance. We paired them with faux hobbled Roman shades, which have soft folds and a straight bottom. Because the Roman shades are not functional, they act more like valances but give the informal aura of shades.

This homeowner is certainly not afraid of pattern, especially in her living room. We love the fabric on her chairs and pillows. But if we had added another pattern to her window treatments, it may have overwhelmed the space. Because of that, we chose to create the draperies and Roman shades in Malvern in “Dune” from Carole Fabrics. This material has a subtle, neutral pattern that adds some visual interest to the windows without overpowering the other patterns in the room.

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Window coverings tie an open floor plan together

Because this Red Bank home has an open floor plan, we used the same fabric to create matching draperies in the dining area. With an open floor plan, you can take advantage of the natural light to create the illusion of a more spacious space since there are fewer walls. But it can be tricky to find the right type of window treatments to make the most of the design and create a cohesive look.

The dining and living areas of this home have distinct aesthetics. But we installed the same draperies in both areas, which allowed us to help the homeowner create a unified look.

Patterned draperies create the perfect home office

In the office, the homeowner chose Sherwin-Williams Grizzle Gray for the wall color, which is a darker, bolder shade. We wanted a material that would complement the color, so we chose Dynamic Duo in “Calico” from Carole Fabric. Because there are not many patterns elsewhere in the office (besides the animal print pillow), the patterned fabric introduces more visual interest and movement to the room.

We added a four-inch banding on the leading edge in Northwind in “Onyx” also from Carole Fabrics to add even more visual interest. The leading edge is the inside vertical border on each drapery panel. If these draperies were functional, the banding would meet at the center when the panels were drawn closed.

We wanted to add even more drama, so we sewed a tassel fringe between the primary fabric and the banding. The tassel fringe is Oberon in “Goldleaf” from Samuel & Sons and connects the two materials while introducing an unexpected pop of color.

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Ripplefold draperies provide a peaceful night’s sleep

The draperies in this Red Bank primary bedroom are different from every other drapery we created because they are operational. The homeowner wanted to block out as much light as possible during the night to sleep better. So we designed and fabricated ripplefold drapery panels that she could open leave open during the day to let in natural light and enjoy her views and close at night before going to sleep. The darker wall color adds to the ambiance, and the neutral color palette makes the entire room a soothing, relaxing space. We love that she chose to use various shades of beige because it’s one of our favorite color trends.

We chose the fabric Get Fresh in “Ivory” from Carole Fabrics, which is a neutrally patterned material. It introduces a little visual interest and movement without overpowering the primary bedroom or changing the aesthetic. We used three times the width so that the windows still had a full, lush look when fully closed.

We also added a blackout lining to each drapery panel to block out as much light as possible. And then we did something unique — we added magnets on the inside of each drapery panel at the middle and bottom. When the homeowner draws her draperies closed, the magnets ensure that light will not seep through the opening of the two draperies.

Because we are a full-service custom workroom and design firm, we can add details like magnets to ensure your window coverings meet your unique needs. If you are ready to discuss your window treatment needs, request a complimentary design consultation today!