How We Work

High Country Drapery Designs is committed to providing personalized service to each customer. We have a great respect for client sentimentality and are recognized for incorporating this into new designs. This is not to say that we will not guide and sometimes challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, while staying true to your individual style. This is why you hire us – to exceed your expectations and stretch your vision beyond what you thought possible.

Our goal is always to satisfy you through superior design, service, materials, and craftsmanship.

High Country Drapery Designs knows that design is supposed to be fun. We keep the process exciting and painless and, in the end, leave you with something you will love for years to come.

#1 Phone Call

Our relationship starts with an initial phone call which lasts 5-15 minutes to learn more about your project, your home, budget and style.  We really listen to your wants and needs.  At the end of the call we will set a time to meet at your project site.

#2 Complimentary Consultation

Jill will meet with you, the homeowner or designer, onsite to gather more information, take pictures and professional measurements, and gain a better understanding of the overall project. Based on the initial phone call discussion, Jill may bring fabric, hardware or shade samples to aid in decision making. The meeting will focus on the style, feel, and function you want for the space.


#3 Quote

At the meeting, we will begin determining all the best materials and the design for the project. Once all the materials are decided & Jill has presented the proposal, she will collect a deposit to begin the ordering and fabrication process.

#4 Ordering & Construction

We will begin fabricating the window treatments, home furnishings, and accessories for your space.

This is the anticipation stage for you, as you excitedly wait for reveal day.


#5 Install

Once your products are complete and have been approved, our professional installers will ensure that everything is installed correctly and securely. Jill attends all installations to provide the finishing touches and attention to detail.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are confident you will want to refer others to us, and we thank you in advance for sharing your experience. Word of mouth continues to be our best form of advertising, and we rely upon it in order to keep our business growing.