Roman shades are a beautiful addition to any home. These window treatments are perfect for gently filtering natural light, and consist of fabric shades that cascade down your windows for a classic, old-world feel. At High Country Drapery Designs, we create custom Roman shades that reflect your personal style and taste. AND our Roman Shades can be motorized to operate with the touch of a button.

Our Roman shades are available with various customizable options having you to choose the perfect products for your residence. For example:

  • Shades are available in room-darkening and light-filtering varieties
  • The shades can be corded, cordless or  motorized 
  • These shades are available in top-down models as well, which allow the lower half of the shade to move up and allow light in while leaving the rest of the shade in place
  • Roman Shades are available in any custom fabric
  • You can add trim/embellishments to make these truly special.

Since Roman shades are what we consider a finishing treatment, you won’t need any additional treatments to make your windows look great. And, no matter whether you choose our shades, blinds, or shutters, you can be sure that all High Country Drapery Designs products will be created and installed by our expert team. 

To learn more about Roman Shades and the beautiful options available, contact High Country Drapery Designs today to learn more.

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