6 Benefits of Using Home Automation in Interior Design

May 16, 2022

Home automation is the way of the future. If your interior design clients aren’t already asking for it, they will be soon. Since smart home capabilities are becoming all the rage for savvy homeowners or homeowners looking to upgrade their living spaces, you have to stay on top of the trends and be well-informed to provide your clients with what you want. Thankfully, it’s worth it to incorporate home automation into your designs because it can help you grow your business and impress your clients. Keep reading to learn more about smart home systems and why you should add home automation to your interior design projects.

graphic showing smart home sytems

What are smart home systems?

A smart home system monitors and controls the automated and motorized aspects of a home. It’s not just used for turning music on or controlling the lighting anymore. It also includes things like:

With a centralized smart home system, homeowners can access every component of their system from one source. These systems can also learn your clients’ habits and routines to save energy, improve quality of life, and make the home more efficient.

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Smart Home Panel

Benefits of adding home automation to your interior designs

Functionality and improved quality of life have always been two key components of interior design. Incorporating home automation into your designs allows you to improve livability without sacrificing style or being intrusive.

You may have shied away from smart home systems before because you didn’t want to learn how to create, program, or install home automation elements, like window treatments. But you can work with experts to offer these components to your clients. By partnering with an expert, you can take advantage of these six benefits of incorporating home automation and motorization in your interior designs.

  1. Control the atmosphere of a room

Home automation components allow your clients to adjust the lighting, open and close their window coverings, and change the music in their home to give them complete control over their space and how it makes them feel. These components can also be programmed based on the family’s activities to create the right atmosphere in different rooms at the perfect time.

How exactly can a smart home system help you and your clients control the atmosphere of a room?

  • Lighting — Lighting plays a crucial role in designing spaces homeowners enjoy because it affects our moods, concentration, and even appetite. Warm lighting tends to make a room seem more peaceful and makes people feel calm. Using blue light during the day gives your clients extra energy and helps them focus. Smart lighting uses schedules and routines to ensure that the proper atmosphere is set at the right time.

  • Window coverings — Motorized window treatments allow your clients to control natural light in a room at the right time to improve ambiance and usability. You can help your client set up schedules that open and close their window coverings based on sunrise and sunset.

  • Audio — Music is a must-have for creating the right atmosphere. It can sometimes be challenging to integrate audio systems into your interior designs so that they look good and are easy to control. But smart systems can help your clients enjoy music throughout their entire home (and even their yard). Your clients can choose which music to play in which room based on the mood, and they can even set their system to wake them up with Chattanooga-area news and weather to jump-start their day.

  1. Provide your clients with extra safety & security

Besides a beautifully designed home, your clients also want to make sure their home is secure. When you incorporate smart home capabilities into your interior designs, you can help them rest assured that their families are safe.

You can choose smart locks for your clients’ doors that match their style, but that’s not the only way motorization and automation can make your clients feel safer. Most smart home systems will allow your clients to open and close their window treatments and turn their lights on and off from anywhere. And, some systems will even open and close their window coverings and turn their lights on and off at random to make it look like someone’s home, even if your client is on vacation hundreds of miles away.

  1. Make your clients’ homes more energy efficient

Home automation components can also lower your clients’ energy bills. With motorized window coverings, your clients can keep the heat out of their home during the summer months and insulate their homes during the winter by controlling when the heat from the sun enters their home. They can also adjust their thermostat automatically based on their lifestyle and when they’re in or out of the house.

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  1. Simplify your clients’ lives

It’s essential to take smart home components into consideration early in the design process so that you can avoid clunky electronic devices and wall clutter while customizing your design based on the features that are most important to your clients.

Home automation elements can simplify your clients’ lives because they can open and close all their window treatments at the touch of a button or the sound of their voice, instead of having to adjust each window covering manually.

  1. Offer greater personalization in your designs

A big part of interior design is about making your client’s home an extension of themselves. As a designer, you put together ideas that reflect your client’s lifestyles and meet their needs.

If you incorporate home automation into your designs, you can offer your clients highly adaptive and personalized interiors based on their specific preferences, schedules, and behaviors. Home automation takes personalization to new heights and gives you more control over how a space is used after construction and decoration have been completed.

  1. Provide greater value to your clients

Everything we’ve discussed so far will help you impress homeowners, which is vital for attracting and retaining new design clients. Understanding the influence of home automation on interior design is key to creating superior design and providing extra value to your clients, which will help you stand out from your competition. By incorporating home automation into your designs, you will have more upsell opportunities and can offer your clients everything they want and need for their homes.

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