Chattanooga Retractable Insect Screens & Solar Shades

Do you have an outdoor living space but aren’t using it to its capacity because of excessive sun or mosquitos? We offer the perfect solution: Solar Insect Shades block the sun, not your view.

Chattanooga Solar insect Shade for Outdoor Living Area

Motorized Retractable Insect Screens sealed with zipper-seal to keep out mosquitoes, yellow jackets, and all types bugs.  Our system seals all four sides of the screen when lowered, providing on-demand insect protection. Fully retractable, they can be completely up, completely down, or at any point in between.

When bugs are not a problem, enjoy the open air, but when dusk falls and mosquitoes come out, put your shades down.  Be comfortable, with a full view of your outdoor surroundings AND without being bothered by bugs! The perfect screen product for movable glass walls, covered patio openings, garage door openings.  Create a functional pass-through in a kitchen window that opens to a deck or patio and provides retractable insect control. High Country offers a wide array of solar screen fabrics for enhanced protection from solar heat and glare while keeping insects outside!

Chattanooga Solar Insect Shade for Back porch

Our Solar Insect Shades give you complete control over both insects and sun on your patio. While insects are definitely a patio problem, too much sun can be as well.  Our Solar Insect Shade with your choice of solar screen shade fabric will keep out insects while blocking the sun’s heat and glare, all while preserving your view.

Fabric Choices

Insect Screen Fabrics Block Bugs
Our insect screen fabrics are designed to keep insects out, available in 2 aperture sizes.

Solar Screen Fabric Block the Sun and Bugs, But Not the View
Our solar screen fabrics keep out insects and control sun. They block glare, reduce heat, and block up to 99% of UV rays. For covered patios that have intense afternoon or morning sun, solar screen fabrics allow greatly extended hours of comfortable patio use.

Privacy Fabrics
Our exterior translucent and blackout fabrics provide privacy with zero view-through. Translucent fabrics allow filtered light to flow through, while blackout fabrics block light as well as view.

Sun Protection

The sun’s energy is experienced as heat, light, and UV (ultraviolet) rays. We feel heat, see light, and UV rays are damaging to our skin and eyes, as well as patio furniture and surfaces. 

Solar screen fabric is designed and woven to control glare, heat, and UV rays with precise percentages of fabric openness. Fabric color also affects sun performance, with darker fabrics blocking more glare, and lighter fabrics blocking more heat. 

We offer a complete selection of denser solar screen fabrics ideal for sun protection and insect control.

  • Specialty Insect Screens
  • Solar Screen fabric for combined insect and sun protection
  • Translucent fabrics for privacy
  • Water resistant, zero openness fabrics for extending the patio season
Chattanooga Solar Shade

Insect Protection

Our insect shades will stop insects at the door and seal them out with its 4-sided seal system. Work in comfort, with a connection to the outside right in front of  you!

Top Seal

  • Integrated with head box
  • Soft-bristled Top Seal Strip closes the gap between fabric and roller

Side Seals

  • Zippers welded to fabric edges
  • Edges captured in a flexible zipper insert that flexes within the track to provide smooth operation.

Bottom Seal

  • Flexible bottom rail gasket strip
  • Compresses to seal uneven floors and edges
Chattanooga Patio Mosquito Insect Shade
Chattanooga Patio Shade

Mosquitoes and Pests

With the advancement of Zika Virus and West Nile Virus, among other mosquito borne illnesses, consumers are warned more and more frequently about protecting themselves from the aggravating insects. We have a complete, versatile line of screen fabrics that can control bugs even as small as gnats.  Customize your patio shade with the fabric that meets your individual needs and priorities! Specialized insect fabrics are designed for pests of all sizes- even very tiny bugs that you can barely see.

We offer complimentary consultations! Contact us today for more information or a quote for your outdoor space!

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