Trendspotting – The Faux Roman

Dec 13, 2023

We work on hundreds of projects a year So we see many projects come through our doors from across the Southeast. One of the biggest window treatment trends we’ve seen this year is the integration of Stationary Window Treatments into Interior Design.


What are Stationary Window Treatments?

Stationary window treatments are decorative elements that do not move or function. They can have a significant impact on the design of a room by adding color, texture, pattern, and style. Stationary window treatments can also help to frame a window, create a focal point, balance the proportions, or hide architectural flaws. Some examples of stationary window treatments are valances, cornices, swags, jabots, and scarves.

A faux roman shade is a type of window valance that mimics the appearance of a roman shade, but does not have any functionality. It is a stationary piece of fabric that hangs from a board and can be customized with different styles, such as flat, hobbled, slatted, or banded. A faux roman shade is a simple and elegant way to add some color and texture to your windows without having to install any hardware or cords.

It also provides the opportunity to add drama and interest to a room in a simple clean way.




Faux Roman shades are also a perfect way of layering treatments. You can place a lined woven wood, for example, underneath a faux Roman Shade for ease, functionality and texture. While the Roman Shade plays the bigger role as a design element.

You choose the fabric, lining and embellishments. We will take care of creating and installing your beautiful treatment.

We create many Faux Roman Shades and stationary top treatments for our Clients. If you’re interested in discussing these in greater detail, contact High Country Drapery Designs to learn more. 

You can also take a peek at our current projects underway on our Instagram Account.