Window Treatment Operating Systems: Manual, Cordless, and Motorized

May 16, 2022

Operating systems are broken into two main types: manual & motorized.

Continuous Cord Shade

A single cord that always remains a constant length when raising and lowering your window treatments. With no long, dangling cords, continuous cords offer enhanced child and pet safety. You can choose either left or right side control.

Soft Touch Shade

Looking for a cordless option? Enjoy the simplicity and ease of a soft touch system, which lets you operate your window treatment by simply pushing up or pulling down with your hand.

Motorization: hardwired or battery

Operate your shades with the click of a button. Our motorized systems give you precise and convenient control of your window coverings. You can even program your window coverings to operate independently, moving only when you choose to schedule them.

Independent Liner or Dual Shade *

We offer a variety of dual shade options which feature two different shades that operate independently, providing many options for design, light control and privacy.

*can be manual or motorized

Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shade *

Direct the light in your home as you see fit—from the top, from the bottom or in combination with the Top-Down/Bottom-Up system. You can position your window treatments as you like, customizing the light balance and privacy in your home to suit your needs.

*can be manual or motorized

Want to learn more about any of these operating systems? Contact us today for your complimentary consultation & let us help you decide what type of window covering is right for your home or office!