What is Dopamine Decor?

Dec 06, 2023

If you choose home décor items based on things you truly love and cherish, you’re probably already pretty familiar with dopamine decor.


To follow the dopamine decor trend you simply need to focus on surrounding yourself with furniture, art, and objects that make you truly happy. Is there a particular photo or piece of furniture you love? Wouldn’t it be great to wake up to that item every day? Welcome to dopamine décor where what you love surrounds you in your home.

Dopamine decorating is also a way to limit consumption more mindful of impact on the environment. When you purchase items you love you’re far less likely to place them in a landfill. This directly impacts sustainable.

“Dopamine decorating encourages us to be thoughtful about our purchases, perhaps only buying what we need and love, versus the over-consumerism that occurs when appealing to trends,” says Grace Baena, interior design expert at secondhand furniture brand Kaiyo. “In design and furniture shopping, the thrill of the hunt is completely dopamine-inducing, particularly when you come across a gorgeous, unique piece.”

Shopping vintage /antique has increased over the past several years as people are making an effort to reduce their environmental impact. It also allows you to explore your own personal style more in depth—mixing unique pieces that are more representative of your personality.

The pandemic and “work from home” environments have placed people in situations where they evaluate their home and space more consciously working to create an atmosphere that’s truly reflective of their personal style; while bringing them joy.

Throughout the pandemic, many began thinking about their individual taste and separating it from the trends and styles they might have adopted without much consideration. Unlike the minimalist aesthetic we’ve seen in recent years, as well as overly-trendy and ‘IG-worthy’ spaces, home dwellers are now honing their style, and putting their own personalities forwnd ard with more collected items, custom décor juxtapositions, and mixing. This eclecticism often results in a vibrant color palette and unique look.”

Instead of buying impulse items as decorative accents, keep an eye out for classic pieces that show off your interests and unique style and you’ll get a mood boost every time you step into your home. And if you can, shop secondhand—it’ll still give you the rush of a new purchase.

Consumers are beginning to realize trends and overconsumption are harming our planet and filling our landfills. Older pieces carry charm and character into every home while giving items a second chance instead of landing in a landfill.

Investing in higher quality durable items that last does the same. These durable items last for many many years avoiding the pitfalls of overconsumption and landfills.

So the next time you’re reaching for that purchase, consider buying a higher quality item that truly makes your heart sing.