Thibaut Launches Sojourn – Just In Time for Spring

Jan 12, 2024

Thibaut has announced their most recent collection – Sojourn – which embodies the rich lush beauty of Spring. Sojourn is an alluring collection of fabrics and wallcoverings that encapsulate a fanciful, faraway land. Coordinating companion prints feature geometric lines, trellises, and abstract corals. Sojourn’s color palette varies from earthy tones and soft blushes to vivid blues and lavenders – an escape for everyone.

The Pagoda Trees pattern features a graphic appearance with strong line-work in the foliage as well as the pagodas, boats, and bridges hidden amongst the landscape.

The Claire Pattern is predominantly Yellow and Navy. Small birds and butterflies nestle amongst climbing tree branches, delicate bamboo leaves, and lychee fruit. An open and airy design, Claire is an elegant choice in fabric and wallcovering, offered in background colors ranging from subtle neutrals to punchier blue.

Take a peek at Thibaut’s entire Sojourn Collection here and welcome Spring 2024.