Five Reasons Why Custom Window Treatments Are Gaining Popularity

Dec 15, 2023

One of the big trends we’re seeing is an increase in demand for Custom Window treatments of all types. Something that seemed out of reach for so many is now becoming far more common. Because….what’s not to love, really? Here are 5 Reasons why Custom Window Treatments are becoming so popular.


1)Everything About Custom is Custom

You can pick exactly what you’d like to see in a specific home. You pick the type of treatment, layered treatments, the fabric or product (like woven woods), the embellishment, and the blackout level if necessary. You can choose cords or no cords, motorization. You also choose the hardware. We work closely with Interior Designers and Homeowners to ensure the hardware will provide just the right touch for their room design. And the quality is at a level that can easily support your new investment. The list goes on and on. Custom means custom down to every little detail of the window treatment, its functionality and its beautiful look and feel.


2)The Quality Is Obvious from Across the Room 

Quality means better insulation, light management and even sound management. Quality means they’ll fit perfectly. And quality means they’ll last for a very long time. When you design something you love you want it to last — and these do.

Our products are handmade and handsewn. Our Roman shades are assembled by hand. It’s very time-consuming but it’s worth every minute. When fabricating your treatments, if you choose a patterned fabric, we do what’s called “pattern-matching”. This means when there’s a cut in the fabric the pattern is lined up perfectly so you’ll never know a seam is there.

In a world that’s becoming more interested in sustainability and the health of the planet, high quality means fewer products in landfills and that’s also having an impact on how and what people buy.

3)The Perfect Fit

Let’s face it. Big box manufacturers and off the shelf products come in standard sizes because that’s how efficiency is gained in manufacturing. But that’s probably not going to work in your home. Oftentimes window sizes vary from window to window. Then there are various door sizes. Transoms can play a role and arched windows are very popular now. When window treatments are designed for your doors and windows only, they fit like a glove. We not only measure on the front end, we measure again before the final installation.


4)Expert Designers and Installers are Part of Your Team 

When you work with High Country Drapery Designs you work with window treatment design experts. Whether it’s a solar shade or motorized drapery, we know our treatments. We can offer unique suggestions you may not be aware of and we’re very well-versed in creative problem-solving. Expert installers are also part of our team. We bring the ladders, tools and yes, booties. With tape measures in hand we assemble everything onsite and meticulously install your treatments. Oftentimes our clients aren’t even present at the time of the installation because they know we will take great care of their home — and their new treatments.


5)Your Personal Style Can Shine 

As mentioned above, you pick every detail when creating custom window treatments. So your personal style can truly come to life. Whether we work with extraordinarily talented interior designers or homeowners, we’ve had the pleasure of creating truly breathtaking window treatments.

This has become far more important following our bout with Covid. Homeowners are creating true sanctuaries now and everyone seems to value their home more. So more care and more consideration are being given to every detail to ensure the home is a true respite from the day-to-day busyness of the world. Creating custom window treatments, pillows and bedding help to create that special sanctuary.


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