2024 Design Trends – Curves, Color and More

Dec 21, 2023

What are the design trends we continue to witness first-hand and learn about through a variety of sources?  



So long, sharp square corners. Hello Curvy. Curvy furniture has reemerged over the past few years it could reach its peak in 2024.

Curvy lines mean soft, calm energy that makes for a more welcoming space.



The addition of big bold color has been such a fresh change in  2023 whether it be kitchen cabinets, home décor or window treatments and drapery, the pale grays and whites have receded far back into the background.

New fresh colors may be gaining in popularity in 2024. Purple’s popularity has slowly been ramping up, but it may be taking center stage in 2024.  Deeper shades are expected to be favored like rich plums. Also, chocolate brown may take us by surprise as more and more designers are opting for the cozy comfort of this rich color.



Many are opting to buy products now from local artisans in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. This trend also speaks to reimaging the old in a new exciting way and rehabbing and reupholstering instead of buying new.

This also speaks to a trend toward with an eye toward quality. Where “buy and throw away” and buy new is not an appealing cycle for consumers. Consumers are looking to buy higher quality with a longer life and less contribution to landfills.

Sustainability has been a trend in 2023 with natural fabrics coming into center stage. Products made from wood, flax and cotton are in higher demand than synthetics.



Creating a spa-like bathroom has been in a big trend in 2023 whether you’re in new construction or remodeling. Homeowners are looking to add an oasis in their homes and the bathroom is the perfect place to do it.  

Look for steam showers, saunas and cold plunges to enter the bathroom scene as they become more affordable and accessible.



People are finished with playing it safe with comfortable neutrals and whites. Reflecting one’s personal style and taste is becoming more and more important to homeowners who are spending more time in their homes.

What you may see: unusual stone, tile, statement chandeliers and beautiful artwork.

People no longer want their homes to look like the Jones’s. They want their home to be special, unique and one-of-a-kind. We’re seeing this first-hand at High Country Drapery Designs. Whether it be custom window treatments, bedding, reupholstery or pillows homeowners are full embracing their own personal style and taste.

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