Trend Report: Grandmillennial Style

May 16, 2022

Have you noticed “outdated” traditional decor coming back into style? This trend finally has a name: Grandmillennial! You can read more about “Grandmillennials” here in a recent House Beautiful article.

Today, on the High Country Drapery Designs blog, we are going to highlight a few elements of the Grandmillennial trend that are focused on soft goods:

1. Ultra Feminine

Think of a bedroom in a southern bed & breakfast or straight off the set of “Little Women”- that is a Grandmillennial bedroom. Grandmillennial bedrooms are full of layered throw & lumbar pillows in striped & floral prints & reupholstered antiques. Canopy beds are another popular Grandmillennial trend element!

2. Matchy-Matchy

Matchy-matchy floral is back! Drapery, bedding, upholstered items, sometimes even wallpaper- all matching. Think back to the Laura Ashley days… We are seeing the resurgence of matchy-matchy floral in a big way leading into 2020! With matchy-matchy comes custom bedding, drapery, & upholstery- which are all our specialty!

3. Slipcovers

We are excited to see Grandmillennial contribute to the resurgence of slipcovers! Slipcovers are great for a few reasons: versatility, custom details, & protection. We can make covers that almost look upholstered which means that you can put them on for holidays for a more neutral look. You can also customize slipcovers to highlight the best part of your chairs with micro-piping, box pleats, cut outs, & monograms. We make slipcovers that can be machined washed which means that you can use them to protect your antique dining room chairs from stains like red wine or dirty dog paws.

4. Fringe & Lace

Grandmillennial style is all about the finishing details. Fringe & lace are used on upholstered pieces & window coverings. These textile finishings match the antiques used throughout Grandmillennial rooms. We love any excuse to use trim!

Do you love the Grandmillennial trend? Contact us today if you want to work together on a Grandmillennial design project in the Chattanooga area!