Gorgeous Custom Bedding – A Top Interior Design Trend for 2024

Jan 03, 2024

According to Southern Living Magazine,  one of the top trends that’s quickly fading from the horizon is plain white bedding.

In the past, interior design has focused to a large degree on the more public spaces in a home including: the living room, dining room, office and kitchen.

But now the primary bedroom is having its day. The days of all white bedding sets are quickly coming to an end and bedding is becoming one of the biggest design opportunities in a room. The bed itself can offer so much opportunity in terms of creating a beautiful focal point. 

Whether it be the actual bedding, a bedskirt, beautiful custom pillows or bed canopies, the possibilities are endless for creating a special and very customized space in the bedroom where your taste and personal style can truly shine.

In addition, you can create that true sanctuary now. We have seen this first-hand in 2023 as beautiful bright and thoughtful bed canopies quickly became a higher demand project/request for our team bringing color, texture and interest with them. 

According to Southern Living interior designer Andrew Howard, “a great bedroom without amazing bedding just falls flat and does not feel as thoughtful”. “Bedding is quickly becoming one of the most important elements in a room.”




It’s no longer chic to buy “sets” and the bed shouldn’t require a mountain of pillows. The trend now is to create bedding with a variety of layers and textures. Designers are now focusing on quality and the nature of the textiles being used. It’s far more interesting and definitely “more fun” with these layers integrated into the design.

If you’re looking for custom bedding, bedskirts and pillows to create that rich textured and layered design, High Country Drapery Designs can help you create that perfect bedroom.

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