Important Considerations for 2-Story Drapery

Mar 31, 2023

Two-story window treatments are a showstopper—a dramatic centerpiece in a great room that brings in lots of natural light. But when it comes to styling those windows, things can get a bit tricky.


Two-Story Drapery Panel – North Shore Chattanooga, Tennessee


What are the best fabrics to use with two-story window treatments?


Consider fabric options that drape well. Longer drapes that don’t have the right weight might give you trouble with flaring or be otherwise uncooperative.

It’s also important to use fabrics that won’t stretch. Linen can be a problematic choice for drapery because it stretches. With the weight of draperies this length this is a strong likelihood. If your heart is set on linen, you could always opt for a linen blend that has a man-made fiber woven in for more stability.

A great go-to fabric is light-weight wool or a lined sheer. Wool is always consistent in how it hangs, and lined sheers offer a softer look and feel.

In terms of color, a neutral solid might be your best bet. Neutral solids work well because the soft backdrop on the window brings the outdoors in and won’t distract from the view.

Large prints are fine as long as you understand that they could be overwhelming to the eye. If you’re set on using a print in the space, lean toward a neutral background with only one or two colors.


What do you do with window treatments over arched windows?

Simplicity is key here. For an eyebrow or palladium style window, you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of panels and gorgeous hardware. The rod has to be perfectly placed so the drapery stacking showcases the shape of the window without being distracting. And then the panels could traverse to close when you want privacy. With this window design, it’s important to work with the entire height of the window.



What are some other things to know before investing in two-story window treatments?

Light exposure is a big consideration. The large windows make a beautiful statement but the sun that comes through those windows can be damaging to the interior of the space. It’s important to factor in which direction the room faces and consider shade treatments along with the drapery styles. Motorized shades are a great choice for smooth operation.

Another big consideration is the expense. There are many factors that add to the equation for two-story designs. Additional fabric, and installation costs are much more involved as well.