Beautiful Top-Down/Bottom-Up Woven Woods in a North Georgia Home

We’re always delighted when we have the opportunity to work with talented interior designers. So, naturally, we were thrilled when Jennifer Ramsey asked us to create window coverings for a project she was working on. She designed this entire North Georgia home, including a beautiful kitchen renovation.

Today, we wanted to share this beautiful design with you. Keep reading to see more!

Custom window coverings design

When discussing the homeowners’ needs and the overall design, Jennifer asked us to design window coverings for both the upstairs and downstairs. Downstairs, she wanted white woven wood shades. Jennifer’s clients preferred a more economical shade upstairs but requested that we not use wood blinds anywhere in the home.

When designing window treatments for the downstairs, we opted for top-down/bottom-up Roman shades. We used a beautiful white woven wood in several bedrooms and bathrooms, including the primary bed and bath.  For the living room, we opted for a warmer color to add more visual interest to the space. All of the Roman shades are inside mounted and include a blackout lining.

We designed roller shades for the upstairs rooms, which included a billiards room, office, and upper bedroom. Roller shades were a more economical choice but still practical and visually attractive.. 

Why we love woven woods in this North Georgia home

Woven wood shades are a beautiful option for any style of home and look just as good in a primary bedroom as they do in a kitchen. They’re made from natural materials, like bamboo, grasses, rattan, reeds, and jute. The material is organic and made of fast-growing, sustainable materials.

The variegation present in these materials instantly adds visual interest, movement, and warmth to any room. This adds texture and depth and can offset hard surfaces present in a space, like the countertops in a bathroom.

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What are top-down/bottom-up shades?

Top-down/bottom-up Roman shades are unique because they use a mounted top rail and a second floating rail that can be operated independently of one another. This allows you to close the shades either by pulling down from the top or up from the bottom (much like the name implies). Top-down/bottom-up shades offer a few key advantages over other operating systems.

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Top-down/bottom-up shades offer light & privacy control

Top-down/bottom-up shades allow you to reduce the incoming UV rays and sun glare entering a room, as many window treatments do. The difference, though, is that they also let you open up your space to ample incoming light while maintaining quite a bit of control over the view into your home from the outside.

They give you a great outdoor view

We love top-down/bottom-up shades because they allow you to maintain a clear view of the outside in a way other shades cannot. With the top half of your shades open and the bottom part closed, you can maintain your privacy while still being able to enjoy an unobstructed view of the outside.

Top-down/bottom-up shades increase your home’s energy efficiency

No matter what top-down/bottom-up shade you choose or whether you select a manual or motorized operating system, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting top-notch temperature control. You’ll make your home more energy-efficient because you’ll be in control of how sunlight enters your room. During the warmer months, pull your shades down to block out the top part of your windows and prevent the sun from further heating up the space. Then, during the cooler months, pull up from the bottom to keep the top of your windows open and let the sun’s warmth help heat up your home.

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Should you use the same window coverings throughout your home?

We’re often asked whether you should install different window coverings in each room of your home or use the same window treatments throughout. There’s no wrong answer, and we’ll take your home’s style and your family’s needs into consideration when helping you decide. 

We chose to use similar window coverings throughout this North Georgia home. Doing this created a cohesive look throughout the space and helped tie the whole design together. It also adds great curb appeal because you’ll have a uniform look from the outside.

If you want simplicity and consistency, then you may consider using the same window treatments throughout your home. But if you wish to personalize each space, you’ll likely want different window coverings in each room. You can get the best of both options by using the same base layer throughout your home and adding draperies or top treatments to personalize each space.

Are you looking for unique window coverings custom-designed to fit your home? High Country Drapery Designs offers a wide variety of window treatment options to meet your needs. Schedule a complimentary design consultation today!