Merry Christmas from High Country Designs!

Is your guest room ready?

Whether you’re hosting a crowd for a few days or your best friend for one night, your guest room plays a crucial role in making your guest feel comfortable and able to enjoy the holidays with you.

Because many of us have relegated our guest spaces to “overflow” rooms all year long, it’s time to clean up, spruce up, and get ready for those holiday visitors.

…But who are we kidding? You likely have less than a week to update your guest bedroom. Instead of listing the steps to a full room makeover that will surely overwhelm you, we’re sharing three easy tips you can implement in a day or less.

1. Style the Bedside Table

A styled bedside table sends a message above and beyond, “I cleaned this room for you.” It shows that you care about every moment of your guest’s experience.

We suggest adding figurines or decor that speaks to your geographic area. Your travelling guest will be delighted with the local flavor and feel just a bit more like they belong. (Oh, and a fresh bouquet never hurts, either.)

2. Add Comfy Seating Options

Because your guest needs to escape the holiday chaos as much as you do, create a place where he or she can put their feet up and relax with a cup of coffee while they answer emails or read a good book.

We suggest using a matching upholstered chair and ottoman set and placing it near a window. Don’t forget to add a lamp if the room has poor lighting.

3. Clean & Stock the Bathroom

If your guest room has its own bathroom, this will be easy. If not, designate a bathroom in your home for guests only. Regardless of how you arrange it, make sure that bathroom is sparkling clean, from the floors to the mirrors and everything in between.

Stock the shelves with fresh towels, wash cloths, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. You could even use the travel-size bottles so your guest knows these amenities are just for them.

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